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Present Moment In Time

P.A.T. Life


Released date:
July 15, 2021
Written by:
Patrick Daly
Mixing and Mastering:
Anchor Bear

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[Verse 1]

The sun shines

I've lost track of time

And I can't believe

My blue eyes

My heart beats

To the rhythm of the sea

And this moment is all I need



What you seek

Is what you bring

In your life


So follow the word

And follow your heart

And follow the truth

It's a place to start

And take a deep breath

And know that

All you have is this

Present moment in time

[Verse 2]


Perception of ways

And now it's finally time

To rearrange

What matters the most

And what I hold close

Don't ever let slip away



And time is

What we make of it

And if we choose to change

Or stand still

Afraid to fail

And never leave this place

[Chorus] x 2

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